BREAKING: FBI Kills Man Who Threatened Biden

( – BREAKING NEWS NOW: A Utah resident was fatally shot during an early morning FBI operation, as acknowledged by the FBI to ABC News. The operation was related to an inquiry regarding alleged threats against President Joe Biden and others, as informed by two officials familiar with the situation.

An official informed ABC News that this investigation was initiated in April, and by June, the U.S. Secret Service was apprised by the FBI. The man being probed had made threatening comments online and hinted at taking physical measures. An official labeled these threats as “credible.”

According to the FBI’s Salt Lake City division, the incident occurred at approximately 6:15 am local time as special agents tried to execute arrest and search warrants at a home in Provo.

The FBI remarked, “The FBI takes all shooting incidents involving our agents or task force members seriously,” further adding that consistent with the FBI protocols, the FBI’s Inspection Division is examining the incident. They declined to share more information, given the ongoing nature of the matter.

The individual who was killed has been identified as Craig Robertson, per numerous sources and a federal document that ABC News accessed.

Based on this document, Robertson was charged on three accounts — making threats across state lines, threatening the president, and attempting to obstruct and threaten federal law enforcement officers.

Included in this document were several social media entries, presumably by Robertson, which conveyed threats to assassinate both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, along with various officials who were part of the legal proceedings against ex-President Donald Trump.

A senior White House representative mentioned President Biden was updated about the event on Wednesday morning.

On the topic, a spokesperson from the U.S. Secret Service mentioned their awareness of the FBI’s probe “involving an individual in Utah who has exhibited threats towards a Secret Service protected” and directed all further inquiries to the FBI.