BREAKING: Elon Musk Slams Tucker Carlson

( – HAPPENING NOW: Elon Musk slammed Tucker Carlson for Carlson having aired on X (formerly Twitter) an interview with Larry Sinclair, during which Sinclair once again claimed he had drug-fueled homosexual sex with Barack Obama many years ago.

Sinclair is a notorious liar and repeat offender who has repeatedly been convicted and imprisoned for fraud and other crimes.

Specifically, according to the New York Post in a report headlined, “Musk slams Tucker Carlson interview with fraudster who claims he had sex with Barack Obama“:

“X owner Elon Musk called out Tucker Carlson for not providing “objective evidence” in allowing a convicted fraudster to claim he had sex with Barack Obama on the tech mogul’s social media platform.

“Carlson, who’s been airing his show on X, interviewed frequent Obama basher Larry Sinclair for an episode that was posted on Wednesday.

“During the nearly 42-minute segment, Sinclair claimed to have had a ‘night of crack cocaine-fueled sex with Barack Obama, and that Obama came back for more the next day.’

“‘Assess for yourself,’ Carlson captioned the video, which has amassed nearly 14 million views as of Thursday.

“‘Of course, the probability that his claims are true would have to rest on objective evidence, rather than claims made by someone with a dubious history,’ Musk tweeted on the site formerly known as Twitter shortly after it aired.” [emphasis added]

As one former talk show host told us, “Tucker Carlson is in grave danger of wearing out his welcome with what appears to be the last place willing to host his show. Tucker has been fired everywhere he’s been employed, and he played a significant role in Fox News being found liable and losing almost a billion dollars in a civil lawsuit involving demonstrably false statements about the 2020 Presidential Election. And now it seems even Elon Musk is growing weary of Tucker’s often unsubstantiated and arguable slanderous accusations and programming.”