BREAKING: Dead Body at Obama Home

( – HAPPENING NOW: A 43-year-old paddleboarder was found dead in the water of Martha’s Viney; the location backs onto former President Barack Obama’s extensive $12 million estate, and reports indicate that’s where a 911 call came from.

The dead man had disappeared on Sunday evening while paddleboarding on Edgartown Great Pond, Massachusetts, which prompted emergency teams to be dispatched to the nearby Obama residence.

Eyewitnesses reported to police that the man had trouble staying afloat after submerging and briefly resurfacing, then disappearing underwater at around 7:46 pm. An extensive search operation resumed on Monday morning for the man, who was reportedly of African American descent, dressed in all black, and did not have a lifejacket on, according to MV Times.

The missing man’s paddleboard and hat were discovered on Sunday. His body was located at 10 am on Monday, around 100 feet from the shore in eight-foot-deep waters. The response to the incident was dispatched from Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard residence, though it remains unknown whether the former president, now 61 years old, was at the estate.

Massachusetts State Police confirmed: “Shortly before 10 am, the body of the missing paddleboarder was recovered from Edgartown Great Pond by Massachusetts State Police divers. MSP Underwater Recovery Unit divers made the recovery after the victim’s body was located by a Massachusetts Environmental Police Officer deploying side-scan sonar from a boat. As previously noted, the victim is a 43-year-old male. His name is not being released at this time; we expect to release his name later today. The recovery was made approximately 100 feet from shore at a depth of about eight feet.”

Multiple agencies were involved in the rescue and subsequent recovery efforts, including the US Coast Guard, Edgartown Fire, Air Wing, detectives, and Dukes County Sheriff’s Department.