BREAKING: Biden Has Life-Threatening Medical Condition

( – BREAKING NOW: A short while ago, the White House was forced to admit President Joe Biden has sleep apnea.

Concerning the condition, the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic states:

Sleep apnea is a dangerous condition because it can cause several different complications, many of which are severe or life-threatening. These include:

    • Heart damage and heart failure.
    • Arrhythmias, especially atrial fibrillation.
    • Sudden cardiac death.
    • Daytime drowsiness.

As for how Biden’s condition became known, today it was confirmed by the White House that Biden has been managing sleep apnea, a potentially severe health concern where one’s breathing may pause while sleeping, using a CPAP machine.

After journalists spotted unusual strap marks on Biden’s face during a morning press gathering on the White House lawn, they reached out for comments. Administration officials confirmed Biden’s condition and the use of the device to Bloomberg News.

At 80, Biden is the oldest president in US history. He plans to run for a second term in the upcoming election, though there are questions regarding his physical and mental capability for the role.

White House photographers had seen faint lines on Biden’s face in his recent public appearances, but the prominent lines seen Wednesday stirred up a whirlwind of social media conjecture. Many people who also use CPAP machines for sleep apnea claimed they recognized the source of the marks.

Although Biden’s press team didn’t instantly release an official statement, two White House officials confirmed his use of a CPAP machine to Bloomberg.

Contrary to tradition, the President’s doctor, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, has not been permitted to answer journalists’ questions and instead publishes brief annual reports after the president’s medical examinations.

It’s noteworthy that Biden disclosed his struggles with sleep apnea during his 2008 campaign. However, a 2019 doctor’s report indicated his condition had improved following surgeries on his sinuses and nasal passages. Until now, there hadn’t been any mention of this issue in his official medical reports during his presidency.