BREAKING: Active Shooter; Multiple Victims

( – BREAKING NEWS ALERT: At least three individuals were shot on Wednesday afternoon and subsequently transported to a hospital in downtown Holyoke, Massachusetts, according to statements from local law enforcement.

The Holyoke police disclosed that they received a 911 call shortly before 1 p.m. alerting them to the shooting incident near Sargeant and Maple Streets. Additionally, they received notifications from ShotSpotter, a system designed to detect gunshots.

State police, responding swiftly to the situation, dispatched patrols, K9 teams, and investigative units to assist the Holyoke Police with their investigation, including the search for potential suspects in the vicinity. Authorities have not released information regarding the conditions of the victims.

One of the victims was reportedly on a bus passing through the area when the shooting occurred, as confirmed by state police.

The office of Holyoke Mayor Joshua Garcia acknowledged the incident, stating that the mayor was aware of the shooting and would provide further details about the incident later in the afternoon.

The ongoing investigation is being carried out by members of the State Police Detective Unit for Hampden County and Holyoke Police Detectives, operating under the direction of the Hampden County District Attorney’s Office.

This shooting incident coincides with Holyoke’s police chief urging residents to promptly dial 911 whenever they hear gunshots. It was revealed that only around 12% of potential shooting incidents detected by ShotSpotter in the past six months were reported by residents, a fact highlighted by city officials.