BREAKING: 16 ‘Fake’ Trump Electors Indicted

( – BREAKING NEWS NOW: On Tuesday, Dana Nessel, the Michigan Attorney General, criminally charged 16 people, termed as “fake electors,” who supported former President Donald Trump. They are accused of trying to illegitimately reverse President Joe Biden’s 2020 election win in Michigan.

Each individual faces eight charges, such as conspiracy, forgery of election law, and uttering and publishing. Nessel characterized this alleged scheme as a “desperate effort” to “undermine democracy” and highlighted that several of the accused are involved in Republican politics.

This is the first case where members of counterfeit Electoral College slates for Trump have faced criminal charges. More defendants might face charges as Nessel’s office stated that the investigation is still underway.

The charges were announced after Trump revealed that he is a target of a federal criminal probe led by Department of Justice special counsel Jack Smith. The investigation centers around the attempted use of false Electoral College slates to defeat Biden’s victory.

According to Nessel, on December 14, 2020, weeks after Biden’s win over Trump in Michigan, the defendants secretly convened in the state GOP headquarters’ basement. They signed documents claiming to be the rightful electors for Michigan in the Electoral College, which Nessel labeled as a “lie.”

After the meeting, some of the “fake electors” tried to submit their falsified electoral votes to the Senate floor at the state Capitol but were denied entry. Nessel stated that these fraudulent documents were later sent to the U.S. Senate and the National Archives, hoping that then-Vice President Mike Pence would use this fake electoral slate to overturn the election results.

The accused include well-known figures in Michigan Republican politics. They have one week to surrender and potentially face up to 14 years in prison. Nessel also referenced a CNN report from 2021 that one of the accused, the co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party, stated publicly that they “fought to seat the electors” at the request of the Trump campaign.

This case emerged after every serious challenge to the election results had been denied, dismissed, or rejected, as Nessel pointed out. Pence rejected Trump’s attempts to accept the alleged electors from states Biden won as part of his constitutional duties during the Electoral College’s certification of Biden’s victory.