BOMBSHELL: Feds Recovered WHAT from UFOs?!

( – The US government has “absolutely” retrieved “nonhuman” remains from crashed UFOs, a former intelligence official and Air Force officer told Congress in a mind-blowing testimony.

The explosive testimony came from whistleblower David Grusch, 36, who, until April, served as the national reconnaissance officer representative for the Pentagon’s Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) Task Force.

“Absolutely,” Grusch declared when asked by a lawmaker whether the US government owned recovered UFOs.

“Based on interviewing over 40 witnesses over four years and where, I know the exact locations [the UFOs are kept]. And those locations were provided to the inspector general,” the whistleblower elaborated.

In one of the first times a witness told Congress under oath about possible “alien” life forms, Grusch alleged some of the UFO artifacts included “nonhuman spacecraft.”

However, he declined to answer publicly whether anybody had been killed over UAPs.

“I have to be careful asking that question,” the whistleblower replied, as cited by The New York Post. He hinted he could disclose more behind closed doors.

When replying to questions by Republican US Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina, Grusch suggested that extraterrestrial, or at least “nonhuman” “biologics” were also retrieved by the US government together with the abandoned or crashed UFOs.

“Do you believe our government has made contact with intelligent extraterrestrials?” Mace asked.

“It’s something I can’t discuss in a public setting,” Grusch replied.

“Do we have the bodies of the pilots who piloted this craft?” she followed up.

“As I’ve stated publicly in my NewsNation interview, biologics came with some of these recoveries, yeah,” he responded.

“Were they human or nonhuman biologics?” the Republican

“Nonhuman. That was the assessment of people with direct knowledge on the program I talked to that are still on the program,” the whistleblower explained.

At that point, he said he would need a classified setting to reveal more information.

Grusch also claimed he had “personal knowledge of people who’ve been harmed or injured in efforts to cover up or conceal these extraterrestrial technology.”

He affirmed he had faced “retaliation or reprisals” over his revelation but refused to expose more over an ongoing investigation.

“It was very brutal and very unfortunate, some of the tactics they used to hurt me both professionally and personally, to be quite frank,” the whistleblower stated.