Biden’s Treatment of Granddaughter Exposed

( – Joe Biden “used his influence” to secure admission to the University of Pennsylvania for his granddaughter Maisy, the third child of his son Hunter Biden, resulting in special treatment that almost no other child in America can receive.

Additionally, after Joe and Hunter secured Maisy Biden’s admission to UPenn, an Ivy League school, the former appointed the university’s president to a “plum” position as the US ambassador to Germany, The Washington Free Beacon reveals, as cited by Breitbart News.

The revelation is striking considering the president’s outcry after the US Supreme Court declared affirmative action unconstitutional last week.

In his reaction, Biden denounced “practices like legacy admissions and other systems that expand privilege instead of opportunity.”

Yet, the president seems to have done just that concerning his granddaughter’s admission based on evidence from Hunter Biden’s infamous “laptop from hell,” according to the report.

Leaked emails and text messages from the laptop reviewed by The Free Beacon show that in 2018, Hunter Biden used his father’s family connections to secure his daughter’s admission at UPenn.

“[The messages] show how Joe and Hunter Biden worked behind the scenes to get a subpar family member into one of the most selective schools in the country,” the conservative news outlet comments.

“Maisy Biden’s college admissions process could raise a number of uncomfortable questions for the president. The saga highlights exactly the kind of “legacy admissions” Biden has slammed,” it elaborates.

The Free Beacon adds that its revelations expose the “Biden family’s occasionally shady dealings with the University of Pennsylvania” precisely when the GOP lawmakers are looking into Joe and Hunter Biden’s “alleged ethical misconduct.”

A couple of years after Maisy Biden’s admission to UPenn, in July 2021, President Joe Biden nominated Amy Gutmann, the president of the University of Pennsylvania, to be the United States Ambassador to Germany.

The US Senate relatively quickly confirmed Gutmann in January 2022 as per Biden’s nomination in a 54-42 vote.

According to the Free Beacon, the Biden family’s relations with the University of Pennsylvania were so close that “Hunter Biden imagined that he could use his father’s influence to secure a teaching post there — even while he was still on drugs.”