Biden’s Bizarre ‘Climate Change’ Plan

Joe Biden

( – The Biden White House is working on a truly bizarre plan to combat “climate change” – deflecting and thereby limiting sunlight in the Earth’s atmosphere, thus cooling the planet, reports reveal.

A scientific paper released by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy shows the Biden administration is studying the research hypothesizing that the planet’s temperatures could be reduced through “solar geoengineering.”

The report published last Friday suggests that the “solar radiation modification” process could have a “viable future,” Breitbart News reports.

The scientific paper discusses “stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) and marine cloud brightening” as ways of deflecting more sunlight from the Earth’s surface.

Breitbart underscores a seeming discrepancy as the Biden administration has increasingly advocated for solar panels for producing “green” energy from the sun’s direct rays.

The University of Oxford describes “geoengineering” as “the deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth’s natural systems to counteract climate change.”

The paper entitled “Congressionally-Mandated Report on Solar Radiation Modification” falls into the administration’s efforts to find how to prevent sun rays from boosting global warming.

It reveals the specific types of geoengineering methods considered by the Biden administration are “stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) and marine cloud brightening.”

The former provides for flying aircraft into the stratosphere, i.e., at 10-30-mile altitudes, “spraying a fine mist that would hang in the air, reflecting some of the sun’s radiation back into space.”

Another method mentioned by the paper as a matter of research is “cirrus cloud thinning.”

The document’s introduction notes that “space-based approaches” for limiting sunlight to the Earth were not considered since “geoengineering” was easier to implement.

“The focus on atmospheric approaches also follows from their greater near-term feasibility relative to space-based approaches,” the paper declares.

No U.S. government policy has been attached to the document, but it does say there is sound logic for more extensive research into the matter.

“The fact that this report even exists is probably the most consequential component of this release,” Shuchi Talati, head of the Alliance for Just Deliberation on Solar Geoengineering, told Politico.

“This report also signals that the U.S. government is supportive of well-governed research, including outdoor experimentation, which I think is quite significant,” Talati stressed.