Biden Drops A BOMB – Trump Is FURIOUS! (Video)


( – Targeting former President Donald Trump as a “convicted criminal,” the Biden campaign launched a new battleground state ad focusing on Trump’s legal issues and recent felony conviction in New York.

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The ad, called “Character Matters,” will air on TV in battleground states and national cable as part of a $50 million media campaign for June, ahead of the first Biden-Trump debate on June 27.

“In the courtroom, we see Donald Trump for who he is. He’s been convicted of 34 felonies, found liable for sexual assault, and he committed financial fraud,” the narrator says in the 30-second ad while images of Trump in a New York court play.

The ad concluded, “Meanwhile, Joe Biden has been working, lowering health care costs and making big corporations pay their fair share. This election is between a convicted criminal who’s only out for himself, and a president who’s fighting for your family.”

This is one of the Biden campaign’s most direct attacks on Trump, emphasizing his 34 felony convictions for falsifying business records after a trial in Manhattan.

Biden and Trump will debate on June 27 in the first of two planned presidential debates, which will be hosted by CNN in Atlanta.

Moreover, Michael Tyler, Biden’s communications director, said in a statement, “Trump approaches the first debate as a convicted felon who continues to prove that he will do anything and harm anyone if it means more power and vengeance for Donald Trump.”

Tyler emphasized that was the reason why Trump was convicted, why he encouraged a violent mob to storm the Capitol on January 6, and it was why his entire campaign is an exercise in revenge and retribution.

He also mentioned that that man [Trump] is blind to the people a president should be serving and will do absolutely anything for his own personal gain and for his own power.

In turn, Trump has criticized the legal system amid his legal troubles, claiming they are orchestrated by the Biden White House to hurt him politically. However, there is no evidence that the White House is involved in the cases against Trump.

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