Biden Disgraces American Flag

( – Joe Biden sparked thousands of complaints that he disrespected the American flag by putting a Gay Pride flag at the center of the White House for an annual LGBT celebration.

You can see a photo of what was done in the tweet at the bottom of this post.

More specifically, Biden’s White House sported the so-called “Progress Pride” flag, in which the pink-and-blue colors of transgender advocacy top the rainbow colors, Breitbart News reports.

The news outlet emphasizes that Biden’s decision to move over the American flag, which represents “the nation’s solidarity with its ordinary citizens,” to make room for the Progress Pride flag seems to reflect a desire to “goad” progressivist voters into backing his 2024 reelection bid.

The report adds that both the flag and the speeches during the Gay Pride event at the White House sought to distract leftists from Biden’s “economy of declining wages, rising rents, and expanding civic chaos.”

Against that backdrop, public opinion polls increasingly demonstrate that more and more Americans oppose the transgender ideology, whose central idea is the government should “help young people solve their personal and social problems by apparently changing their claimed sex.”

The public objection to transgenderism is growing partly due to the medical consequences of sex-change procedures.

It is noted further that “many gays and lesbians” reject the “Progress Pride” flag since it signifies a transgender takeover of the LGBT symbol.

“Today, the People’s House – your house – sends a clear message to the country and to the world. America is a nation of pride,” Biden wrote on Twitter.

“This is a disgrace. Not only is it in breach of US Flag Code, but it’s a glaring example of this White Houses’ incompetence and insistence on putting their social agenda ahead of patriotism,” reacted GOP US Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas.

Anti-transgenderism advocate Oli London posted on Twitter two photos comparing the White House on its Gay Pride celebration day and Veterans Day. The latter featured no flags whatsoever.

Some leftist activists defended the White House Progress Pride display by bringing up Nazi flags raised by random individuals in Florida. Others were resentful that the flag wasn’t the latest version since it had no “purple circle” for “intersex people.”