Biden Committed ‘Crime Against Humanity’?!

( – Cornel West, a probable future candidate for the Green Party in the presidential race, criticized President Biden’s track record on racial issues in a special interview with The New York Post. He referred to Biden’s dealings with African Americans as nothing less than a “crime against humanity.”

West, who is 70, blamed Biden for causing a surge in the prison population among racial minorities due to the stringent Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. As a senator in 1994, Biden sponsored this act, which led to the employment of an additional 100,000 police officers and a $9.7 billion allocation for prisons.

“Well, I think you’ll think Joe Biden contributed to a crime against humanity when he became the architect of the mass incarceration regime in the 1990s,” stated West, referring again to the 1994 Act.

West, now an academic at Union Theological Seminary, a Columbia University affiliate, has taught in prisons for 41 years. He believes the state of the U.S. prisons is associated with Biden’s crime bill. “I’ve taught in prison for 41 years. And the level of barbarity in our prisons has something to do with that crime bill that he put forward,” West commented.

According to West, Biden gives little importance to Black people, putting more effort into symbolic actions—putting “black faces in high places”—than into real, substantial change. He rated Biden’s actions on race matters poorly, giving a “C-.”

Furthermore, he criticized the 80-year-old President for showing signs of decline, claiming that Biden’s cognitive abilities are decreasing. Meanwhile, West says his own health is excellent.

Despite his left-leaning politics, West expressed similar concerns as Republicans over the misuse and inadequate supervision of federal intelligence agencies, which Republicans have often accused of being politically biased.

“I would just increase the scope of accountability and transparency. I think that’s enough right there,” West proposed. “The whole institution, alright, to make sure it is not politicized, make sure it’s not weaponized and make sure that it actually lets us know what they are doing, especially the executive branch.”

West also found it odd that the Secret Service couldn’t explain how cocaine found its way into the White House while Hunter Biden, a known former drug user, was residing there. He referred to Hunter’s agreement with the Department of Justice to admit to two instances of tax evasion as a minor punishment.

Political insiders and media have been following Robert Kennedy Jr. for his challenge to President Biden in the primaries. However, experts observing the 2024 race consider West a more substantial risk.

Previously, West intended to run with the People’s Party but then moved to the Green Party. This switch suggests that the vocal scholar could take essential votes away from Biden in critical states, possibly helping Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, according to some Democrats.

“In 2016, the Green Party played an outsized role in tipping the election to Donald Trump. Now, with Cornel West as their likely nominee, they could easily do it again. Risky business,” former Obama campaign leader David Axelrod tweeted recently.

West supported Biden over Trump in 2020 but now sees both as equally harmful.

“Trump is leading us toward a second civil war, Biden is leading us toward a third world war. So I am not excited about either choice,” West expressed. “I don’t want to just support a caretaker government against fascism every four years because sooner or later the fascists will still win.”

“But the problem with the Democrats is that they’d rather lose than change,” West concluded.