Biden Accused of Creating Organized Crime Family

Joe Biden

( – Representative James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky and chairman of the House Oversight Committee, is confident he can provide evidence against President Joe Biden, accusing him of making policy decisions influenced by payments received by his family.

Comer claims to have identified six policy decisions, four of which were made while Biden was president, that suggest Biden’s actions might be influenced by payments received. He made these statements during an interview with “The Cats Roundtable.”

Comer says the Biden family has taken too much money from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to deny their involvement in helping the CCP infiltrate certain American industries.

Comer is in charge of the investigations into the Biden family’s business deals abroad. He has long believed that the Biden family’s business is based on ‘influence peddling,’ which is using one’s position to gain favors or gifts. This is not illegal unless linked to tax evasion, but it can be grounds for impeaching a president if it amounts to bribery.

According to Comer, the Biden family operates like an organized crime unit, profiting from Joe Biden’s position as vice president and later president. The CCP, which has grown wealthy from exports to the U.S., aimed to invest in American industries, including defense manufacturers, with the help of the Bidens, Comer explains.

“This is an organized family crime unit, essentially, and the business model was to profit off Joe Biden’s influence as vice president and future influence as president of the United States,” Comer told host John Catsimatidis.

Comer alleges that the Biden family acted as intermediaries for Joe Biden, helping the CCP gain access to U.S. industries. He speculates that the total income from these foreign business dealings could surpass $30 million.

Comer says the influence was bought and paid for by various countries, including Romania, China, Ukraine, Russia, and some countries in the Middle East, as well as rare-earth miners in Africa. He hints that Hunter Biden, the president’s son, may be linked to these African miners.

Despite Hunter Biden’s denial of profiting from these deals, Comer concludes the interview by suggesting that further revelations will come. “Stay tuned. We’ll see if that’s a true statement,” he said.