Archer: Joe Biden Is a Liar

( – In explosive testimony to Congress, Hunter Biden’s business partner Devon Archer has exposed the lies of the Biden family, including the false claims that Joe Biden never knew anything of his son’s murky foreign dealings.

Archer spoke in closed-door testimony before the GOP-led House Oversight Committee, disclosing that Hunter put his father on at least 20 business calls while Joe Biden was vice president of the United States, The Daily Mail reports.

According to Archer, who partnered with Hunter Biden in multiple businesses, Joe Biden jumping on Hunter’s calls helped sell the “Biden brand.”

That same “Biden brand” also temporarily prevented the bankruptcy of Burisma Holdings, an energy company mired in corruption, whose owner, pro-Russian Ukrainian oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky, appointed both Devon Archer and Hunter Biden to its board in April and May 2014.

Hunter Biden served there until 2019, with an initial annual salary of $1 million, halved in January 2017 after his father was no longer the US vice president.

“Burisma would have gone out of business sooner if the Biden brand had not been invoked. People would be intimidated to really mess with Burisma because of the Biden family brand,” Republican US Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) said as he was leaving after Archer’s testimony.

He revealed Archer had denied knowing anything about the FBI informant file claims that Zlochevsky bribed both Joe and Hunter Biden with $5 million each.

Biggs stressed, however, that the testimony had made it clear that Hunter Biden was on Burisma’s board due to his family “brand.”

He added Joe Biden added “value” to Hunter’s business ventures. That includes the then-vice president getting fired a Ukrainian prosecutor who investigated Burisma for corruption by threatening to withhold $1 billion in US aid – something that Joe Biden openly bragged about during a 2018 event.

A statement by House Oversight Republicans informed Archer told the committee that Hunter referred to his father as “my guy” in his business dealings.

According to House Democrats, however, nothing is striking about Devon Archer’s testimony.

Democrat US Rep. Dan Goldman of New York declared that Joe Biden’s participation in his son’s business calls might have been about exchanging “niceties” or discussing the weather.

“[Archer] indicated that Hunter spoke to his father every day, and approximately 20 times over the course of a 10-year relationship, Hunter may have put his father on the phone with any number of different people, and they never once spoke about any business dealing,” Goldman said.

“Remember, this is when Beau got ill,” he added, referring to Joe Biden’s eldest son, who died of brain cancer in 2015.