ALERT: 195 Christians Massacred

( – In a new deadly attack on Christians, Islamist terrorists committed an unimaginable massacre in Nigeria, slaughtering at least 195 people on Christmas. Tragically, the death toll could climb further as more human remains are being discovered.

Local authorities in Plateau state in Central Nigeria, with over 4.2 million residents, have recently increased the reported nearly 200 killings in a presumed jihadist massacre targeting Christians, which began on Christmas Eve, to 195.

The assailants, identified in Nigerian media as “bandits” and believed to be from the predominantly Muslim Fulani ethnic group, embarked on a spree of violence and looting in Plateau state, starting on Christmas Eve.

They destroyed hundreds of homes and killed entire families, Breitbart News reports.

According to law enforcement, this “well coordinated” mass murder is the latest in a series of killings that some religious freedom advocates and local Christians have condemned as genocide.

This is seen as an attempt by the Fulani to eliminate the Christian presence in Nigeria’s Middle Belt region and seize its territory.

The Middle Belt is the boundary between Nigeria’s predominantly Christian south and its mostly Muslim north.

In areas like Plateau and Benue state, which are primarily Christian farming communities, there has been a significant increase in genocidal violence by Muslim Fulani, who are seeking access to the land for cattle grazing.

Some international commentators argue that this conflict is primarily about land use, exacerbated by “climate change,” and does not have a religious basis. However, local persecuted Christians strongly dispute this interpretation.

On Thursday, the Nigerian newspaper Vanguard reported that local authorities in Plateau discovered 195 bodies of victims, with at least 10,000 people displaced from their homes.

This adds to the millions of displaced Christians in the Middle Belt.

“1,290 houses were burnt down in Bokkos council, one house was razed in Mangu LGA and that of Barkin Ladi was yet to be ascertained at press time,” the newspaper reported.

“Today (yesterday), we have recovered more than 20 bodies from the bushes, and the search is not over yet. In another hour, you will see more bodies being brought from the bush,” Monday Kassa, a local leader in Bokkos, informed Daily Trust.

“You cannot quantify the food they have destroyed. A good number of houses were also destroyed. They killed more than a hundred innocent people, including children,” said Mahanan Matawal, a local politician.