26 Dead Illegal Aliens Found Where?!

Police line

(GoRealNewsNow.com) – The scattered remains of dozens of illegal aliens have been discovered scattered around a Texas county that lies 80 miles north of the US-Mexican border, the local sheriff reveals.

At least 26 illegal migrants have died in Brooks County, with a total population of 8,000, between January 1 and July 1, 2023, according to Brooks County Sheriff Benny Martinez.

He notes that, in most cases, the authorities have found skeletal remains that scavenger land animals and birds have scattered.

“Most of the time, that is all that is left. It doesn’t take long with the animals and the heat for a human body to decay,” Martinez told Breitbart Texas.

The report points out that most illegal immigrants have perished after going through ranches to avoid a US Border Patrol immigration checkpoint.

The sheriff stressed he was “grateful” that at least the migrant death rate was twice lower this year, and in the first half of last year, his deputies found the remains of 55 illegal migrants.

As per Customs and Border Patrol estimates, roughly 7 million illegal immigrants have invaded the United States since Joe Biden occupied the White House – including about 2 million gotaways.

According to Martinez, some of the deceased migrants in his county die shortly before or after they or their families make an emergency call.

However, others are discovered many days after they die, when ranchers or Border Patrol officers stumble upon their remains or other illegal immigrants get detained and report their deaths.

“Some have been consumed by animals and the elements and only bones remain to tell their stories,” the sheriff said, blaming the deaths on the Mexican drug cartels and their human traffickers.

“These smugglers have no regard for the value of human life. Many migrants are not prepared for the strenuous conditions they face when trying to hike in this terrain. The soft sand on the ranches makes one mile feel like three,” Martinez explained.

“The smugglers simply leave [injured or weakened people] behind to die. Then, ranchers, Border Patrol agents, and our deputies must face what remains. It isn’t pretty,” he elaborated.

Border Patrol agents registered the deaths of 880 migrants in fiscal year 2022, up from 568 in 2021 FY.