109 Shot; 19 Dead


(GoRealNewsNow.com) – During the extended Fourth of July holiday weekend, at least 19 people died and 109 were shot in a streak of gun violence across Chicago.

Mayor Brandon Johnson and Chicago Police Superintendent Larry Snelling held a press conference to address the disturbing surge in violence.

“I stand here today heartbroken,” Mayor Johnson said. “Over one hundred people have been shot in this city. Nineteen people have been killed this holiday weekend. These are not just numbers on pages. These are not just headlines in the news. No. These are our fellow Chicagoans.”

Johnson also emphasized their commitment to holding accountable those responsible for the violence. “There will be consequences for this violence,” he asserted. “We will not let criminal activity ruin and harm our city.”

Moreover, the incidents included fatal shootings late at night, like one at East 89th Place, where two were shot, one fatally, and another on North Central Avenue, where one person was killed.

A shooting at the University of Chicago Medical Center’s emergency room resulted in three injured by gunfire from a fleeing dark-colored SUV.

In another tragic incident, a man lost his life in South Shore during a shootout on train tracks near East 71st Street. Despite efforts, he succumbed to his wounds at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

Later, in the South Loop neighborhood on East 21st Street, a drive-by shooting left a man dead, and a woman wounded. Witnesses described a white SUV pulling up and firing multiple shots at a man and woman walking on the sidewalk.

In addition, these incidents have left many in the community grappling with the profound impact of gun violence.

Three mass shootings occurred, including one where two women and an 8-year-old boy were killed in Greater Grand Crossing. Nineteen of those shot were involved in mass shootings across several neighborhoods.

Executive director of Metropolitan Peace Initiatives Vaughn Bryant spoke on efforts to address violence, underscoring that when people grow up in an environment with trauma, conflicts escalate unnecessarily, leading to extreme outcomes.

These tragic events underscore ongoing challenges faced by Chicago in combating gun violence, prompting urgent calls for community action and support.

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